I download opensuse 42.2 iso file and burn it on dvd and I want to install cinnamon instead of gnome or kde but there was no choose to select cinnamon.
Please guide me how to install cinnamon instead of gnome or kde.

Thank you

42.2 doesn’t have Cinnamon as an option in the installation, you either have to install either desktop or minimal X, then install the Cinnamon package via YAST or via zypper with; sudo zypper in cinnamon

Most likely a good idea to install a lightweight desktop login manager such as lightdm as well - not sure if Cinnamon installs anything decent looking.

Add this repository to Yast.

This works with 42.2. I have tested it.
Another option is to write this on paper. During the initial set up, the installer allows you to add this repository.

Select minimal installation. Click on the Software link in Yast then click on the Details button.
This will allow you to see the Cinnamon pattern. Now you can choose the Cinnamon pattern for installation.