Cinergy T USB XE


I have a problem with my dvbt stick (Cinergy T USB XE).
I am using suse 11.0 with KDE4.
I tried different manuals but it was useless…
My linux doesn’t recognize my stick.
One time i thought i’ve got it but then i tried it out with kaffeine and i still didn’t worked.

Thanks for helping me.

I also have a similar DVB-T stick, the Cinergy DVB-T XS and it also won’t work.
I hope someone can help! :wink:

have you tried to login as root and load the driver manually?
At least with SuSE 11.1 latest kernel I see that it has a cinergyT2.ko kernel driver; try:

modprobe cinergyT2

if that still doesnt work then check with dmesg if there are some hints …