cimg: Converting images on konsole


I was looking for a script that does multiple conversions at 1 go.

Couldn’t find it.

So I made my own:

I’ve called it: cimg

Invoke it with: cimg -e gif,tif,bmp,jpeg -r

-e extentions: gif,tif,jpeg,png,bmp
-r read files recursive
-t testing/debug mode (nothing gets executed)

Hope you’ll find it useable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget to

  • Release your code under some kind of license (Recommend GPLv2 or GPLv3 for least restrictions or just state explicitly that User assumes all responsibility for use with no copy/re-use/distribution restrictions)
  • Declare all your dependencies at the beginning of your script. Besides Perl, whatever is used for the actual conversion.


be aware that there is a c image lib called “Cimg.h” that is used a lot

Gmic uses it and gmic has a gimp plugin
Karita also uses gmic

I didn’t know cimg was already used for something else.

But, if I’m right, CONVI hasn’t.

So I think, ‘convi’ it is.

GPL is full of restrictions. It was created exactly to restrict what you can (or can not) do. If you want the least restrictive license, use something like BSD or MIT.