cifstab and NetworkManager

hello everybody
i have a little problem, i’m trying to automount a samba share on computers startup, everything works just fine when the network adapter is controled by traditional way ifup but when i’m switching to NetworkManager doesn’t work anyway. i’m hiding the share information from the common user by using the /etc/samba/cifstab as i read on intrernet, in the cifstab i put //server/share /home/user/share cifs username=user,password=pass,uid=1000,_netdev .could anybody give me a hint or tell me where to look? thank

Because network manager only starts working after login of a user, there is no network connection made at system startup.
(I allways wonder what will happen when more then one user is loged in and both are clicking aroound in their network manager client).

What is called “the traditional method with ifup” is making the network connection at system startup (runlevel 3 and higher) and will use* /et/fstab* during this process (that is where /etc/fstab is for).

The above is not a solution, but is to make you undrstand why you experience what you experience because to me it seems that you think something is wrong here.

Henk, thank you so much for your time, after this i switch from sysvinit to upstart and it works !!! thanks mate, now finaly i can switch my entire network from other linux distro to opensuse!!! thanks :):):slight_smile:

You are welcome. A little insight under the hood might help a great deal in solving problems.