cifs not mounting after 4/5/2013 updates applied?

running OS 12.3 64bit, been great until today. I’ve had 3 cifs shares in fstab for a very long time, multiple versions of OS. Today after applying updates that were made available last night and rebooting I noticed my cifs shares are not mounted? Funny - my one NFS mount is - strange. Anyway,if I simply issue mount -a the cifs shares mount fine. What changed with the updates? I figure the network must not be ready when fstab is read, but why did it change? I know I could make a script to run after login to issue mount -a but we really should not have to do that right?

Thanks for any advice.

No one is having this issue after updates? :\

Looking through the logs /etc/fstab is read and therefore the cifs mount command is issued BEFORE the network is ready?

How is that a good design?

In Yast’s networksettings for your card, General Tab, change “At cable connection” to “At boottime” . You guessed right, samba is starting before the network is there, it probably even tried it’s max # of attempts.

Thanks for the response. On the road so I’ll check when I get home later this week. If that’s it, I did not change it and it was working fine? But, I’ll check.

Already set to “start at boot”. I can’t help but think something with the latest patches broke it. It was working before the patches rolled out about a week ago before I hit the road. I did not change a thing and I’m using the traditional method as I don’t care for networkmanager on a machine that has a static IP.