CIFS mount using fstab, share name with spaces

Hello openSUSE experts!

I have Seagate GoFlex Home NAS, and it provides Samba shares with the names like “GoFlex Home Public”, etc.

I can mount share from command line:

mount -t cifs --verbose -o users,uid=1000,gid=users,user=user%password "// Home Public" /mnt/pub/

BUT I cannot do the same from fstab because quotes are not allowed.
Putting \040 instead of spaces does not work also.

Can you please help me to mount this share using fstab.
openSUSE 12.1 64-bit

Thank you!

Do a test for info for me:

Put the \040 stuff in fstab, boot, then if it’s not appearing in the the mount folder, run this command and see if it appears, then report back:

 su -c "mount -a"

Hi swerdna!

\040 actually works!
Sorry for disturbing.

What confused me was the output of mount -a:

// Home Public/ on /mnt/pub type cifs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,sec=ntlm,unc=\\GoFlex)
where unc=… is wrong

…and I saw pop-up from device notifier that device could not be mounted.

Thank you for help!