cifs-mount fails on opensuse 10.3 with credential file


System: OpenSuse 10.3
I can mount a windows share with
mount -t cifs -o Username=yyy,password=xxx // /mnt
but cannot mount with credential file
mount -t cifs -o credentials=/etc/winpassword // /mnt
not if you omit the password
mount -t cifs -o Username=yyy // /mnt
The credential file has permission 600 and the entries are

I have also tried with the domain in the username as noted by some posts like
ENG/yyy or ENG\yyy "ENG/“yyy” “ENG\yyy”
nothing works in credential files but everything works on command line…

I have the last version of of cfs mount installed (cifs-mount-3.0.26a-3.7).

So what’s wrong?
Nobody using to mount with credential files on OS 10.3?

BTW: Tried with win2000 and win vista.
Both works if on command line user and pw is given…
And with smb4k it doesn’t work too.

Greetings and thanks