CIF share not created by Add Network Folder wizard in Dolphin


I am trying to perform hard drive back up form my local machine to my Western Digital MyCloud NAS and need a ‘mount point?’ to copy to.

I used the Add Network Folder functionality to add a link to the public share on this via the IP address. This then appears in Dolphin as ***MyFolderName ***and the URL shown open opening is smb:192.168.0.X

I was hoping this work as dd if=hdtobackup of=***MyFolderName\backup.iso

**But predictably it does not recognise *****MyFolderName (or smb:192.168.0.X)

****Reading around this I think I need a mounted CIFS *share? I was hoping Dolphin would do some of the work for me but I think this the current network folder functionality is only useful in Dolphin, not useful in cmd line and scripts.?

I’m newish to Linux and I have probably misunderstood what I need. What is it I need and how should I create it?

mount -t cifs //192.168.0.X/MyFolderName /mnt/MyFolderNameMount

Then I can use /mnt/MyFolderNameMount in the terminal and have access.

(found in this article)](

Dolphin doesn’t mount the shares via its ‘smb’ KIO-slave. It’s using smbclient to browse/access the shares.

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