Chuckle of the day - 19-10-2009

Here is the “chuckle of the day” -

BBC NEWS | Technology | Parking ticket leads to a virus

Odd though, they seem to have “forgotten” to add the comment that it only effects people who use a Microsoft O/S and a browser called “Internet Explorer” though.

It made me laugh, hopefully it gives someone else a little warmth in their heart ;).

Why should they?

The typical “target group” for such attacks knows that this OS is “a computer” and that the blue “e” is “the internet”.

OK. That’s just stupid. get a ticket, go to a web site. That part…ok. That’s becoming the norm. But download a toolbar to locate your car? No. That’s nuts. This is another fine example of the fact that people click on anything and don’t pay attention to what their doing. Nor do people give any thought to it.

> Nor do people give any thought to it.

which is as it should be…

i mean, if i open my refrigerator door i don’t give any thought to it…

yet, if the manufacturer of (say) 95% of the refrigerators on earth
designed their’s so that the door fell off if you didn’t buy an extra,
additional cost, upgrade often, Anti-DoorFallOff Pro/Ultimate Supreme,
THEN you would learn to think about refrigerator doors falling off…

me, i’d rather not have to think about it, and i buy one of the 5%.


Ha Ha HA lol! this one defeats the op’s.

the chuckle of the day made me laugh! Even if no one else found it too funny. Any one have a chuckle for today?