I have Opensuse 12.2 that I have been running on a hp laptop for about a year. I put it away in a carrying case in March. My associtae used it twice since then. I attempted to boot it last week, and it hung up. I booted from a live cd and found that the fstab file contained entries for removable storage that was not always connected to the system. I commented out those entries and rebooted. It now comes up to the login screen, but no text is displayed, and when I type it is displayed as black boxes on the screen. Any suggestions. I have taken the laptop apart and reseated everything, but this does not make a differnece.

Thank you

For starters,
I’d recommend instead of “commenting out”

Create a copy of your original (or current) fstab, something like

cp /etc/fstab /etc/bak.fstab.bak

Then, <remove> the suspect lines.
Then, <shutdown> (don’t re-boot).
Wait at least 30 seconds, then try booting up.

By making a copy with a name which shouldn’t be read on boot, you can always return to the original by deleting your heavily edited version and then renaming your backup file to the same as before (by adding “bak” before and after the filename, it should be easy to do so)

BTW - Note I changed your subject line, “Chuck” doesn’t describe your problem in much detail… :slight_smile:


Does help only partial. The main title is still the nothing sayin “Chuck”. Many people looking for serious problems to help with, will thus skip this thread. Not realy a good example of advertising your problem to those who might have knowledge about it. >:)

Are you using GNOME?

Try to re-install pango:

sudo zypper in -f libpango-1_0-0 pango-tools