Chromium video tag not supported

I have installed chromium from the official repos, but
youtube says that the video tag is not supported. Has anyone
experienced this?

I guess that’s chrome feature. Why would it work by default in chromium ?

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Well not really.
I installed the chromium-ffmpeg package from the packman repositories
and now it has the video tag but no webm support. That is wierd…

I have that installed. Can you give me a link to test?

I mainly use firefox, but when I have used chromium I have not noticed any problems.

HTML5 Demo: Video

firefox working ok and chromium not.
also go to it will report webm status

That works with firefox, opera and konqueror, but it does not work with chromium (from the standard repos)

That gives an ok on the Video tag, but not on h.264 nor WebM

Note that this is on a 64 bit install of 12.1

same here on a 32 bit installation. Should we file for a bug report?

Sorry for the confusion then :slight_smile: in that case I think it’s a bug and should be reported.

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Yes, filing a bug report looks like a good idea.

I just tried on a different system (32 bit this time), and it doesn’t even see the video tag.

I guess the difference is that I added the packman multimedia support to the 64 bit system, but not the 32 bit.

I have installed it from here
Index of /repositories/network:/chromium/openSUSE_12.1
and added the chromium-ffmpeg package from packman and it now plays webm
and h264.

I can’t understand why the official package does not support at least webm…