Chromium updates

I am fairly new to SUSE. I use Chromium as my primary browser. There have been some updates that have come down the pipe that applied to the Chromium browser but I can’t seem to get Chromium to work well with Flash videos and sometimes it errors out when attempting to view/use PDF as well.

What happened with these updates in the last few weeks that killed Chromium?

How can I get my Chromium back to playing Flash videos and PDF documents?


No idea about PDF, but do you have chromium-pepper-flash installed?
If yes, try to uninstall it (Chromium should use the system’s flash-player then), if not, try to install it (it’s available from Packman).

That said, I see now that chromium-pdf-plugin is also from Packman, right?
Maybe those plugins are built for a wrong chromium version or something?

I removed Pepperflash. WIll try that and see what I get. :slight_smile: