chromium rpm sources and spec file


I am working on a project where I have to integrate Chromium into my application toolchain.
I see that there is already a chromium rpm chromium-36.0.1985.125-41.1.i586.rpm.
I can not install it directly in my toolchain because the paths for installation for various file types are different.

I would like to get the spec file and sources for this rpm , so that I could change the spec file as per my toolchain and then create the rpm.

Can you please tell me if this is possible ? If yes, where can i find the sources and spec file.


Click on “Show other versions” and click on source. You can also acquire newer 37.x sources from there in the Chromium repo.

thanks miuku.

I am looking at the spec file , and there is this “packman_bs” macro checks. Can anyone tell me what is this exactly ?


%if !0%{?packman_bs}

Extract the NaCl tarballs

python ./native_client/build/package_version/ -v --exclude nacl_arm_newlib sync --extract

Those checks are for determining whether chromium is built on Packman or not.
If it is, only the plugins (chromium-pepper-flash, chromium-ffmpeg with full multimedia support) are built, and not the rest I think, if not only chromium with the free codecs (chromium-ffmpegsumo) is built.

I am new to Opensuse rpm build process. So I may ask few questions like:
What is “Packman” ?

Packman is a repository that supplies most of the propritary software like codecs along with a lot of other things that are not included in the base openSUSE repositories. Note this is openSUSE thus all things that ship by default are open source. So how do you connect? Simple, open yast from your menu find repository management and add new repo select community repos from list then find packman among the many. Once added you can get software from that repos via zypper or in Yast-softtware management.

Thanks for the info.