Chromium repo for 12.1

is this an official repo Index of /repositories/network:/chromium and if so will it be populated for 12.1 with the latest (beta channel iirc) build at some point (like when 12.1 officially ships), currently 17.x is in the std OSS repo? Or will I need to add the Google Chromium beta channel repo?


Chromium is in the standard repos for 12.1. I’m not sure if it needs a special repo, except perhaps for early testing of new versions.

Personally, I have stuck with firefox. However, now that chromium will be in the standard repo, I will give it a good trial run.

Yes, that’s the official one, if there is a repository on the Open
Build Service, just contact the maintainers direct on OBS;

1- Go here and search for
the repository
2- Click on the repository link.
3- Click on ‘users’ tab
4- Look in user list for the maintainer and on the right is the email
link to contact and ask to add.

I’m waiting until a few days after the release to add 12.1 as it will be
very VERY busy with all the building etc going on as users add the 12.1
build target.

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@malcolmlewis - as 12.1 is yet to be released and as the package in OSS is the same version as in the 11.4 Chromium repo there isn’t a need so I’ll wait and if not filled after the offical release I’ll email him (I assume he too is busy).


update - available as of 19-Nov-2011 19:43

I have installed the Chromium from the official repo, but youtube tells me that the video tag is not supported.
Anyone having this issue?

That repo is good it delivers new versions of Chromium packed by openSUSE members, i don`t think you need Google Chrome repo.
If you want beta versions of Chromium you can use the factory repo Index of /repositories/network:/chromium/openSUSE_Factory