Chromium pulled from openSUSE repos!

Chromium browser has been pulled from openSUSE repos!

You now need to switch to the version that has been pushed in to Packman


Dear openSUSE users,
Since this morning, the Chromium browser will no longer be maintained on the openSUSE OBS, nor will it be provided together with the openSUSE distribution. Instead the Chromium browser will be build on Packman and be available for the already supported openSUSE versions. This new version will replace the chromium-ffmpeg package that was already delivered through Packman. In the next days, I will delete the Chromium package from it’s home location network:chromium and also send a delete request to openSUSE:Factory. The reason for this change is that ffmpeg support is becoming more and more integrated with the browser itself, making it very hard to remove the ffmpeg related sourcefiles and still keeping a workable browser. In the last few weeks, I tried everything to keep Chromium part of the openSUSE distribution but unfortunately I failed. And as we all know ffmpeg is one of those packages that are not allowed to be present on the openSUSE OBS. Therefore the only logical decision was to move Chromium completely to Packman. The new package will be a full enabled Chromium with build-in support for ffmpeg. The new version 25.0.1329 is already available from Packman and should be installed automatically as that it replaces the chromium-ffmpeg package. If not, please check manually in order to get the latest version from Packman. This should be a one-time manual intervention. RegardsRaymond Community Maintainer for the openSUSE Chromium package

Thank you very much for the heads up. Though I find it odd to note Debian has libav (ffmpeg) in main. So I wonder what the legal issues are with this situation.

Swtiched, i.e. to the Tumbleweed Packman version, all well.

On 2012-11-19 12:06, nightwishfan wrote:

> So I wonder what the legal issues are
> with this situation.

Just read the published reasons. The webpage has been there for years.
Search for “restricted formats” in the wiki.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” (Minas Tirith))

Watch this space, because currently Chromium is now not in Packman.

Dear openSUSE Users,

Last week, I send out the message that it was no longer possible to build
Chromium on the openSUSE OBS. This due to issues with ffmpeg, etc.

Due to the big help of Ludwig Nussel, we resolved the issues and I can now
inform you that we are building Chromium again in it’s old location and that
we will continue shipping Chromium with openSUSE.

A new subpackage was introduced (chromium-ffmpegsumo) that builds a restricted
form of the multimedia library required by Chromium. This library supports all
the opensource codecs. On Packman we continue to build the chromium-ffmpeg
package that contains the same multimedia library, but then with support for
more proprietary codecs (equal to the ones supported by the official Chrome
browser). If you install the chromium-ffmpeg package, then automatically the
new chromium-ffmpegsumo package will be deinstalled. This is the correct

I would like to thank Ludwig again for his help in resolving this matter.

As a reminder: The Chromium browser is build in the network:chromium
repository and from there updates to Factory and maintenance updates for
12.2/12.1 are shipped.

I would like to apologize for the inconvienence this might cause due to
swapping the repositories.



Excellent thank you. :slight_smile:

Thank you
At last a clear explanation…

Could someone add the Pepper flash player from chrome to the Packman repo?

Thart would come in handy for when the only thing we have for flash is pepper flash and chromium becomes the only true browser for linux that can take it wiout taking the more proprietary chrome.

ok, but, in opensuse I have chromium, in packman I have chromium-ffmpeg, does should exist a chromuim pachage in packman too, wich I have to install ???

On 2012-11-30 13:06, pier andreit wrote:
> ok, but, in opensuse I have chromium, in packman I have chromium-ffmpeg,
> does should exist a chromuim pachage in packman too, wich I have to
> install ???

You need both oS chromium and packman chromium-ffmpeg, that’s all.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 12.1 x86_64 “Asparagus” at Telcontar)

I am sorry for a stupid question. I am using Tumbleweed, I have got one more repo:

Index of /repositories/network:/chromium/openSUSE_Tumbleweed

My chromium instalation:

  • chromium
  • chromium-desktop-kde
  • chromium-ffmpeg (packman repo)
  • chromium-suid-helper

There is chromium-ffmpegsumo in chromium repo. Is it OK or I should install chromium-ffmpegsumo instead of chromium-ffmpeg?

Thank you.