Chromium pepper flash not working

I have the pepper flash plugin from the packman repos, and I don’t think it’s working properly. Flash videos on Facebook and you tube aren’t working properly. Is there a way to manually install it?

It’s usually a good idea to use the package switcher on Packman - even in TW
Did you do this?

Nope, not sure what that means. I’ll look into it

Chromium-pepper-flash seems to be working fine here (using “chromium” browser on youtube).

I’ll note, however, that I set the packman repo to have priority 98 instead of the default 99. That means that if a package is available in both packman and the standard opensuse repos, the packman version should be preferred.

That’s about similar to a repo switch that caf mentioned. But I am using “zypper dup” to keep Tumbleweed up-to-date, and that can undo the switch unless I give packman a preferred priority.