Chromium Not Playing Some Videos

Something has gone wrong with my installation but I have no idea how to figure it out.

Chromium plays some videos, like most of the ones on the YouTube homepage, but other ones from YouTube just do not play.
Facebook videos appear as the starting image with the Play button but when pressing Play, the video flashes and the front image just appears again with the play button.
Videos embedded in some sites work, while others do not.

Here is an example. This page: shows two error message in the header saying that the media is not supported and
showing two links, one to a .mp4 and the other to a .webm file. It seems to try to read the MP4 as if I open it directly in Chrome, it does not work, showing just a black
player. If I do the same for the .webm file, it actually plays in Chromium. My system can play both with VLC though.

So I must be missing some codecs or some bridging component for Chromium to reach the right codec. My system is fully up-to-date Leap 42.3 and this used to work
until fairly recently (a month or so). Since the problem does not occur with all videos, I didn’t notice for a while. Now, for sure, no Facebook video plays.

My install includes: chromium (63.0.3239.108-130.1), chromium-ffmpeg-extra (61.0.3163.100-1.3), chromium-plugin-widevinecdm ( Actually the issue
happens with or without this last one. I also have ffmpeg (3.3.4-7.1) and a bunch of libavcodec?? libavfilter6 libavfilter5? libavresample3 libavutil5? libpostproc5? libswresample?

Any idea what is wrong or how to figure it out?

Thank you in advance

That example page looks okay here.

Well, I think it looks okay. But I don’t really know what it is supposed to look like.

As best I can remember “chromium-ffmpeg-extra” was did the trick for me.

It is important that you switch everything to the packman repo (where available in both). Perhaps you missed that step. Easy way to do that is with Yast Software Management. Select the “Repositories” view. Then click on the packman repo. You should then see “switch system packages”. Click on that to switch to packman.

Great. It’s much better now. I had a mix from both repo and now with everything from Packman, so far the videos I tried are working.
I’ll get back in a week or so to inidicate if there are any problems left.

Thank you!