Chromium not opening designated tabs upon startup - settings not sticking

On 13.1 KDE 32-bit laptop with Chromium recently installed and now I find that upon initialization it insists on displaying the New Tab page rather than the 4 designated tabs I have preassigned to be opened. Regardless whether I select either the Open New Tab or the Open Designated Page(s) radio button, I ultimately get the New Tab page regardless. Is there a way to RESET the settings for this browser?


For Chromium:

rm -rf ~/.config/chromium

For Chrome

rm -rf ~/.config/google-chrome

Mind, close Chromium/Chrome before you do this.

Hey, thanks again for your help. I had tried to look with Dolphin for that subdirectory but couldn’t find it regardless of what I did. BUT, I accomplished the same thing by de-installing and then re-installing the chromium package this morning. Things seems to have straightened up since then. My question now is how would I go about finding that subdirectory with a file manager? Thanks!

In dolphin tick the box saying “show hidden files” in the "view " menu. HTH Lenwolf

Good one. I had seen this before during a previous install and figured this must be a hidden subdirectory but had not yet shown these files in Dolphin. Now I’m left with the task of trying to recreate the original program icon for Chromium because during the most recent installation there seems to have not been one created. I am left with only the Run Chromium icon in the Kickoff Application Launcher. Oh the vagaries of learning a new opsys. :slight_smile:

Just drag it out of the menu and drop it on your desktop.

Or right-click on the menu entry and choose “Add to Desktop”.

Or you can assign any icon right click the current icon and select properties click the icon on the first tab to browse fro icons.

Am having trouble deciphering this comment. I see no “properties” option in the context menu of the program icon. Could you elucidate further please. Thanks!