chromium issue with google - compared to chrome

Take a look at the screen
Chrome is on the left and Chromium on the right

On or .com whatever you use (I’m logged in BTW)
You should see a dark tab bar of google links, ie; gmail, gdrive, etc…
But in the openSUSE version of Chromium it’s not there. (If I use a Mint install that uses a stable version of chromium that is in line with the Chrome stable, it works fine)](

Doesn’t matter if I use default adobe flash or the pepper flash for chromium

Have not tried a OBS version of Chromium yet

*As a side note I also notice in Ubuntu forum the advanced editing controls are missing and formatting is lost too in posts, ie; CR etc…
It works fine in openSUSE
But Ubuntu/Mint chromium works in both OS and Ub

I’m also having an issue on chromium which started just now.
I get 404 errors- apparently issued by google- on every page I try to access on browsing in open suse.
Moreover, all my icons in my bookmarks have turned into google icons!

I can confirm this issue as well. It seems to work correctly if I change my user agent to state I am using Firefox.](](

Looks like a bug then

BTW. How do you keep that setting?

I am not sure, but you might try finding an extension to do so.