Chromium does not use Dolphin as file manages any more

After recent OS updates Chromium stopped does not use Dolphin as file manages by default on file save. Uses ugly gtk one. Issue similar to this one:




packages are installed.

xdg-mime query default inode/directory

returns org.kde.dolphin.desktop,


is set to 1 - nothing helps. What was broken and how to fix this?](

Same ugly dialog in telegram (snap).

Don’t know what the issue was but latest update to Plasma 5.26 seems to have resolved it.

Yeah, some ugly interface in some other KDE apps. Installing latest Tumbleweed updates now - will see if they fix the problem.

Yep, this one fixed, some other ugly interfaces - not yet.

After recent Plasma updates this sh…t happens again! How to fix?

Just rollback or wait, Plasma 5.26.1 update to 5.26.2 did broke also wallet autoopen and did ask password. Also Vivaldi “Save” dialog is in GTK style again too. As couple weeks ago.

File manager is good again, now all sound cards disappeared in Plasma - no sound in many applications. Using pipewire.