Chromium crashes on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

Exactly the same issue as this bug report with the “Aw, Snap” error pages.
Can be mitigated by using
–no-sandbox or --disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox

I can confirm that I see this as well on Tumbleweed, and yes those command line options do prevent the crash.


I have a problem with chromium in opensuse tumbleweed (plasma 5.7.4), on every page where I access the browser freezes, and displays an error. All pages are frozen (,, chrome://settings, chrome://flags, chrome://about). So I can not do anything.

I have already tried:

  • Delete the information from ~ / home / user / .config / chromium
  • Restart with an old kernel
  • Chromium is updated to version 53.0.2785.116-1.1

At the moment I’m using chrome 53 and has no problem, but chromium yes

The solution of chrome --no-sandbox works fine in chromium, thank you very much

Greetings and thank you very much, an apology for my english

Mind, this is not a solution, Chromium should use a sandbox, for obvious reasons. A workaround at most.

Seems like the problem is fixed in the latest build 53.0.2785.116-3.1

try getting google chrome that’s what i use and flawless.

No, it’s not. It suffers from a couple of issues ( like not willing to be the default browser )

What do you mean?? Which browser are you talking about. Google chrome is fine flawless try it out I’m running it on TW no issues at all

try chrome you guys i always use google chrome. Not an imitation of chrome like Chromium never used it always stuck with chrome just better in my opinion. :slight_smile:](

There are some privacy issues between the both of them :). And a lot of users here prefer open source over closed.

Come on guys, doesn’t anyone read this forum before posting. There are a lot of recent threads on this topic. The solutions, until the next build, are to use Chromium from either the factory or Leap-42.1 update repositories. For the latter, at least, there is the additional option of pepper and ffmpeg from the associated Packman repository.

DUDE who said anything about privacy issues. I didn’t so how did privacy come in to play DUDE. REALLY?

NONE THE LESS privacy is an issue for all browsers also if your on the internet a lot rotfl! anyway i’m done with this topic learn what you are talking about

This thread (and for the most part this forum) is about FOSS. If you are so determined to promote closed source software with embedded spyware, you might be happier playing with the MS Windows and Google OS flocks.

DUDE what are you talking about get life DUDE. Mostly everybody i know that runs Linux uses Google chrome. And Linux doesn’t get spyware. OH wait maybe you do on windows and Linuxrotfl! do you see me promoting LOL ask for google support you wont find me. FACT i’m always on Linux and if i run windows its gaming i know how to run both unlike you rotfl!

For FACT Google chrome and Chromium are same thing i was only suggesting to switch since i’m running it with no problems. I have run ALL Linux with google chrome 100% no problems. SO keep talking out of trix boxrotfl!

Who said i was promoting rotfl!.. FACT Google chrome and Chromium are the same thing everybody i know that run Linux uses it. rotfl! You get spyware on Linux then that’s your fault LOL This way off subject I’m done with this topic

You are simply wrong – please stop spreading misinformation. Hopefully not all the Linux users you know are similarly deluded (unless it’s just yourself).

Chromium is open source (the source is in the repository and you can read and build it yourself).

The RPMs included in this distribution are compiled, built and signed by openSUSE. Google Chrome, although built from the same code-base, has additional tracking and reporting software added (plus that wonderfully secure code from Adobe). It is closed source. It cannot be used in an environment where code probity is required.

That may be TRUE Chromium being open source. essentially its based off the same thing so it’s same. You are wrong stop spreading talking about stuff different subjects that you don’t know of…