chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra for HTML5 playback

I am looking for this package but have been unable to find it for my 13.1 KDE 32-bit machine. Can anyone give a suggestion? Thanks!

The packman chromium-ffmpeg package contains the library which is all that’s in the package your looking for?

The package is called “chromium-ffmpeg” and it is available from Packman. And there’s also “chromium-beta-ffmpeg” for use with “chromium-beta” (version 33), and “chromium-dev-ffmpeg” for use with “chromium-dev” (version 34 of chromium).

If you have the Packman repo added to your system, you should just be able to find and install it in YaST->Software Management.

Well, I find that the package is installed already (the referenced subject matter package recommended by Vimeo support as a Ubuntu package) but seems to be having an issue with the video playback while the audio plays on. This is my desktop machine with the GeForce 6200 video adapter and is generally regarded here as a pretty “slow” machine but what is still bothering me today is that the YouTube website plays back as would be expected. I remember something being said about Vimeo’s implementation being somewhat suspect which leads me to want to try another version of Chromium but for the issue with the SSE2 and my CPU not being capable.

Additionally, I tried the competing package (chromium-ffmpegsumo) but it seemed not to affect anything differently so I removed it and reinstalled the previous package. I’m going to try this on my A31p machine to see what happens there and then report back. Thanks again for the kind assistance.

chromium-sumoffmpeg is a version without all restricted codecs, so that it can be shipped with openSUSE.

The is the multimedia codec library for Chromium. It is based on the internal ffmpeg source code and contains only the open source codecs from ffmpeg. Proprietary codecs (e.g. H.264) are not part of this library, but are provided in an external package

As I don’t use neither chromium nor vimeo myself, I cannot really help you more.

Have you tried with a different browser? (Firefox f.e.)

Youtube still uses flash by default, but you can switch to the HTML5 version as a test:
That page also shows which codecs your browser supports.

Well, I installed the newest drop of chromium-ffmpeg and things are working properly on the A31p and better on the desktop, still get sporadic spits and stalls. But I will have to live with this for now. Anyway, thanks again for the help!