Chromium 55.0.2883.87 on Ubuntu 16.04 sometimes cannot enter space on replies

I have rather weird problem that started recently. When I press “Reply with quote” I am not able to enter space using keyboard. I can enter any other character and I can enter space via copy and paste but no reaction to space bar. This already prevented me from replying more than once … just curious, if anyone has seen similar issue?

I am not saying that you should not use Ubuntu using the openSUSE forums, but I am afraid that not many members here will do the same and thus recreating the problem might be a bit difficult :frowning:

Also, when you use such a specific combination were it is easy to use other combinations, did you test if you experience the same on e.g. Chromium on openSUSE and/or Firefox on Ubuntu, etc.?

That said, I vaguely remember that a similar (something with unable to enter spaces) was reported in this very sub forums some time ago. Did you browse/search?

I normally use either firefox or konqueror.

A few days ago, I did use chromium. This was on opensuse 42.2, but not sure of the chromium version at that time.

I had exactly that problem. I could not enter spaces.

However, I managed a reply. I just skipped the spaces. Then I went back and added them in, and it allowed me to add them in (with the keyboard).

Maybe it’s a “chromium” bug that only seems to happen at opensuse forums.

See this thread:

It only happens with the REPLY WITH QUOTE option which the staff has opted to be the only choice here. It could be mitigated by enabling other forms of reply.

It happens for me in Chrome, I’m using Leap 42.2, so it’s not anything Ubuntu related
And I can confirm the workaround is to use just ‘Reply’ not the ‘Reply with Quote’
Reply is still available at the top or bottom of the page

Another workaround is to hit the newline/Enter, then move the cursor up on line. Doing this right now.

I’m having the same problem with vivaldi, which of course, is based on Chromium.
If you input one letter then a line break (new paragraph), it seems to revert to correct usage. You can then go back and delete the single letter instead of manually inputting all the spaces after completing.
Which looks as though it’s the same as Knurpht’s just written before me (oops!).

Same here on OS X and Windows, with Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m.

Happens with Reply-and-Quote as with other users here.

FYI here’s what vBulletin has to say:

"This is, in essence, a browser bug. For all we know it might get
sorted out in a future Chrome release. The ONLY thing vBulletin could
do is replace the entire editor, and I’ve already explained why that is
not remotely feasible.

Using the standard editor isn’t pointless, indeed many of my users have
long preferred to use that rather than the WYSIWYG as you have more
control. It’s certainly a valid workaround though.

It should be remembered here that this issue doesn’t cause the WYSIWYG
to be unusable, it merely causes the space bar not to work unless you
press return first and only when quoting and only when using Chrome"

You can read the entire discussion here:

Kim - 12/28/2016 10:20:11 AM

They didn’t mention
‘And only when writing in vB’

So far I didn’t see this ‘Bug’ present itself anywhere else

That Paul M guy from VB reminds me why everyone stopped using their forum software and switched over to better alternatives.

Hey Miuku:

>better alternatives.


Kim - 12/30/2016 9:04:46 AM

I do not know whether it is Chromium or this forum software, but the problem is gone now using Chromium 58 (may be earlier, I got habit of adding dummy first line on replies so could have missed it).

But still exists sometimes in the Google Chrome browser as of today (fully updated).