Chrome remote desktop replacement


I have just moved from Windows to openSUSE Leap and I’m looking for Chrome Remote Desktop replacement.
I need to connect to PC that is in the office network (50 PC have same external IP). Also they have dynamic IP.

Thanks for help.

You could check out TeamViewer:

You could also use a VPN solution, but the above would be the quickest and easiest to set up and use.

You can run Chrome Remote Desktop on Linux (apparently, although I haven’t tested).

  • Install Chromium, either through YAST or with the following command in a root console
zypper in chromium
  • Launch the Chromium Web Browser (will likely be in your Desktop Menu under “Internet”)
  • Click on the web browser’s “Settings”
  • In the left pane, click “Extensions”
  • You may see a link to the Chrome Browser Store, click on that.
  • Search for “Remote Desktop” and install the official Chrome extension (unless you want to try something else).

Aside from that,
Your company’s network likely needs to be configured to provide external access to the target machine in its network. Some options…

  • Configure a VPN.
  • Configure the company’s network FW to forward a specific hostname, IP address or port to your target machine (Your specific options depend on the capability of the FW).
  • Configure IPv6 addressability publicly accessible.
  • The company can configure an external proxy. Although I haven’t tried, I find it’s remarkable that SIP proxies can sit entirely outside (not on the edge) of a target network and provide directory services as well as connectivity to host machines behind NAT.


FWIW I use Crome Remote Desktop on Linux (OpenSuse 42.1 and others). Works good just like from Windows. You cannot use Chromium, you must download Chrome. Sometimes Stable works, but sometimes Beta is required.