Chrome menus don't display properly

I recently upgraded to 13.2 and I’m running Google Chrome 39. In the previous version of Chrome running under 13.1, I would occasionally get a situation where clicking on any item that opened a dialogue box would turn the entire Chrome window white. I could right-click to get it back but selecting an item would white out the screen again. Reloading the page was often the only option.

Now that I have upgraded, if I select a menu item, (for example: selecting a category from the bookmarks bar) and roll over the menu to pick one of the choices, the box turns black and I cannot select anything. About half the time, the box doesn’t turn black but some text appears in the box. It is very compressed, as if it was meant to be displayed full screen and not in a window or dialogue box. I usually cannot make out any of the text but sometimes it appears to be a link. I get the same (or similar) behavior in Chromium. This does not appear to ever happen in Firefox 33.

Chrome has become virtually unusable. I don’t know where to begin to troubleshoot this except I did what the Google troubleshooter suggested: run an incognito window with all extensions disabled but the problem was exactly the same.

I just added or confirmed all the multimedia files including Flash and java. It had no effect. I still get white-outs, a blue box with text in it when I rollover menu choices, and other bad rendering of menus. None of this happens in Firefox.

What graphics card?

GF 7600GS with the nouveau driver. The latest nvidia driver to work for me was the 304.88 and I keep that available, along with an even older one. But I haven’t used it in so long, I don’t remember how to use it the “hard” way!

Old driver may not work things have moved on.

Try installing the GO2 NVIDIA driver via Yast.

Well, 304.88 is in fact the G02 driver, albeit a quite old version.

And yes, 304.88 will definitely not work on 13.2, not even 304.121 does.

So, you absolutely have to install the latest G02 driver (304.123), preferably from the nvidia repo. Only this one supports the latest Xorg that’s part of 13.2.
And I do think that this should fix your problems.

Yes, I also believe it will solve your problem. Add the nvidia repo in Yast and install it that way, or use the one-click from here:✓&q=nvidia&search_devel=false&search_unsupported=false&baseproject=openSUSE%3A13.2

Don’t you rather mean ?

The official nvidia driver packages are not hosted on OBS (for legal reasons), and therefore are not found by the software search.

Did you click the link I provided to see? :wink:

or, you could peek at this screenshot, if you prefer:

I did exactly this. It was much easier than my old “hard way” and it resolved my problem. Thank you all for your help. The nvidia driver either rendered my fonts differently or reset them. After the install, the fonts appeared very small. It was an easy fix, going to “configure desktop” and increasing the font size. Still, it was a little odd that it happened. So, after a very rough start, my upgrade to 13.2 is looking pretty good!

Terrific. Glad to hear it.:wink:

Yes, I did.
But none of those results are the official nvidia packages.

It is not allowed to host the nvidia driver on the OBS.
So the nvidia repo is hosted on nvidia’s server, and the packages are therefore not found by the software search.

And btw, those G02 packages (from home:Lord_LT) are only version 304.121 which will not work at all on 13.2… :wink:

Probably the DPI value changed.
The nvidia driver might calculate it differently than nouveau which might lead to different results.
And Xorg forces it to 96 DPI in certain cases, the nvidia driver might override this and set the “correct” value.

This of course depends on the display/monitor you are using.

Oh, I see. I have not had any of those problems, so I did not look that closely. But, there is the first link on that page that refers to the SDB, with advice to read that … but then that is the long way around to get to where you pointed, isn’t it? :slight_smile: