chrome browser

I installed the chrome browser but am unable to run it. When I try, I get an error message complaining that the file /usr/lib64/libkdeinti5_chrome could not be opened. After checking, I saw that there is no such file, and yast denies that it exists. Does anyone know a place from which I can get it.

I don’t see why a file /usr/lib64/libkdeinti5_chrome should be necessary. And if it is, Chrome should provide it.

How did you install it?
How exactly are you trying to run it?

Does running “chrome” in a Konsole work, and if not, what output do you get?

thanks, that seems to work

Ok, it seems to be a problem with the menu entry then.

Maybe you have an outdated/broken/incompatible one in ~/.local/share/applications/?

ls ~/.local/share/applications/

If there’s something like chrome.desktop or similar, try to delete it.

Or open the menu editor (right-click on the application menu icon) and try to modify the Chrome entry (or create a new one).
If in doubt what to change and how, please post what’s configured already.

One note though: you should not enable “Run in system tray”, this doesn’t work in Plasma5 (yet?).
If it is enabled, it might be your actual problem.