Chrome-based browsers killing Xorg

This is the first time I’ve installed openSUSE. Leap 15.4 with KDE. After my initial installation, and after I had added repos, added some software and done some configuration, the next time I booted it seemed to go to run level 3 - i.e. just terminal. I investigated logs and found that Xorg was failing to load, the Xorg log said something like “aborted, Signal 6” under the “Fatal error” entry.

So I rolled back to snapshot #1 and reinstated everything one by one, rebooting each time. And the thing that broke Xorg again turned out to be Brave web browser, which I had installed from Brave’s repos. These things happen, and sometimes a distro is just poorly supported by a third party app. So I rolled back to the previous snapshot and carried on building my system, still rebooting after every change. I added Chromium using YaST alongside the ffmpeg and widevine plugins from packman. Would you believe that Chromium borked Xorg?

I’ve looked at the Xorg wiki and it has nothing to say about what this “signal 6” is.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a workaround?

I’m running the G06 nvidia driver.

I am using Leap 15.4 without any problems – with the KDE desktop.

I do have “chromium” installed, and it is working just fine. Both “falkon” and “konqueror” are chromium-based, and those are working fine. A few days ago, I install “opera”, also chromium based, and that is working though I have not continued to use it.

However, I do not use Nvidia graphics. I would guess that’s where your problem is.

Thanks for helping to narrow it down. I’ve found a thread on the openSUSE subreddit by someone who was having the same issue (or rather, the same Xorg meltdown - not triggered by chromium in this case) 5 months ago, and it appeared to be an nvidia problem. I’m just waiting for a reply from them before I test a rather odd workaround (and possibly open a bug report with nvidia).

A final note for anyone having similar problems. I decided against the odd workaround mentioned above, which I found on a reddit thread. OP there seemed to have SUSEPrime as a package already in their Tumbleweed setup, but it’s not present in Leap 15.4 at installation and I’m not sure how it will interact with my desktop PC in general. Instead, I’ve removed


and replaced it with


, allowing zypper to replace the conflicting dependencies. Brave is no longer killing my Xorg initiation.