Christmas penguins in GRUB2 wanted!

For those very new to openSUSE, this may seem strange. Back in the old days (well <3 years ago actually!) the bootloader
screen (then GRUB Legacy) changed at around Christmas. Rather than just showing the plain menu, the background consisted
of animated penguins wearing Santa hats walking on snow near an igloo. It brought much Christmas cheer to the
distribution! Since openSUSE replaced GRUB Legacy with GRUB2, this feature seems not to be enabled (at least by
default). Is there any way to enable it? If not, can we petition the developers to include it? :slight_smile:

There’s an openFATE request for it:

I agree. Nowadays whit “sleep” functions in opensuse13.1 it is not to often to reboot.

I can still boot the 13.1 live KDE, to get my Christmas penguins.

Yes, I would like to see this with grub2. I have voted for it at the openfate request.

Ok!. Mee too.


Voted already.

Voted up, of course!

When I first saw them years ago I couldn’t even believe it.
Too late for 2013, though.

Now I am even glad I haven’t upgraded our other 3 boxes from 11.x lol!
but the day will come…

I’m not using Grub2 yet on this machine, but I voted for this. It should at least be an option, if not everyone wants it. Something for Halloween would be nice, too.