Christmas Dinner 11th December 2011 - Portugal

In the next 11th of December the Portuguese openSUSE Community is going to host a Christmas Dinner in the beautiful city of Aveiro (Silver Coast, Portugal).

The Christmas Dinner will start at 21:00, being the gather point the Restaurant Pizzarte at 20:30.

This is a Community Social event aimed for the Portuguese enthusiasts and fans to meet some of the most active members in openSUSE, trade ideas and concepts.
Several topics are to be discussed being the two most important of them:

  1. The openSUSE IBERIA Initiative - later to be unraveled, but in it’s basic form will become a joint initiative from Portuguese and Spanish openSUSE Members to create a social movement to support openSUSE in the Iberian Peninsula taking advantage of the geographical and cultural resemblances between Portuguese and Spanish.

  2. ENOS - ENOS is the ‘Encontro Nacional openSUSE’ (National openSUSE Encounter), an event created by Carlos Gonçalves which might become the great flagship event of openSUSE IBERIA, changing it’s essence from ‘national’ to ‘international’ aiming for a greater audience and stronger presence of openSUSE in the Iberian Peninsula.

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Nelson Marques @ Lizards - openSUSE Lizards
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Darn. Wrong country…

I’d have to walk 3000 miles, then swim another 3000, then walk more. That’s only one way. By the time I got there, well the arty would be long over.

Jonathan, pick me up on your way and I’ll go with you. Think they’ll save something for us if we’re late?

Well. your closer to me than the party is. I’m in the great hot state of Arizona, better known as the desert. I just have no car. My transportation is my feet, my bike, or public transportation. But I’ll join you in being behind the parade with a shovel. :wink: