Christmas Competition -- New Titles -vs- Post Counts

Hi everybody. Just for a bit of fun, every now and then the community reviews the titles that match against forum counts for community members. Here’s the current list:

Puzzled Penguin 0
Student Penguin 50
Explorer Penguin 100
Busy Penguin 250
Parent Penguin 500
Wise Penguin 1000
Omniscient Penguin 2000

Now that the board has had its six month birthday, probably we need to increase the number of classes, to something like this:
0-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499, 500-999, 1000-1999, 2000-2999, 3000-infinity

That’s eight, so what names go with that lot? Here’s a suggestion from me:
Infant Suser
Child Suser
Teenage Suser
Cool Dude Suser
Parent Suser
Wise Suser
Shaman Suser
Omniscient Suser

Don’t let me have the default choice. Post your suggestions in this thread over the festive season and we’ll vote on the best of them to choose a new set for the new year.

Wow! Great titles!
Can I stay under: Cool Dude Suser after 499 post? This is the most kick-ass rank! :slight_smile:

Grasshopper, may you stay a Cool Dude for all of your life!

That would put me in the Teenage Suser category - I wish rotfl!

Hmnnnn, where are the grand parents, the great grand parents before the wise man comes:\ Sometimes the grand old follks are the ones who look up to the wise and shaman

Heh! I wish to stay there for good ."Teenage Suser " Where the life and fun beginslol!

The idea is good, and I personally think the rank names should be funny, witty and catchy – even if naming consistency is lost in the process. Let me suggest a random bunch of ranks off the top of my head:

Masters open
Gekko Geek
Dr. SuSS
Keyser SuSE

And openSusie would be great, err… maybe not.

I’m afraid I’ll be back soon with some more of these;)

Keep up the good work. We need to get a set of the best eight from your suggestions to put in the final poll.

Make up a set, let’s see what you’ve got.

Trainee Gecko
Private Gecko
Corporal Gecko
Sergeant Gecko
Captain Gecko
Major Gecko
Colonel Gecko
Gecko God/Omniscient Gecko

Gecko Egg
Gecko Hatchling
Gecko Trainee
Gecko Apprentice
Gecko Worker
Gecko Master
Gecko Supreme
Gecko God

A few ideas:\

I would add Gecko Dark Master and Gecko Imperatorrotfl!

I can see a some real competition here for my “Susers” – ****!

What happened to the reptilian references? I can’t find my old post, but it went something like this:

newt (for newbie)
geeko (a pun)

Its late… I’m having a brain freeze. I’ll try to fix this up later.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! and for the qualifying levels, use a Fibonacci series:

1-49 (you can’t start with 0 or we would have to send out random emails and assign strangers a level rotfl!)

…my head hurts… like I said…its late

So what’s 8 levels? (and just for interest, what’s 20rotfl!)

Did you mean some of these:
Please choose your honorifics/titles/tags/labels - openSUSE Forums
or of these maybe?
What are the good tags to use with post counts? - openSUSE Forums

I can’t thing of interesting one but still I tried

Migrant gecko
Wondering Migrant gecko
Identity crisis gecko
Building identity gecko
Fitting In gecko
Resident gecko
Benevolent gecko
Wise green gecko

Hey! My memory’s not so bad! Now, I’m thinking I have to come up with a series that relates more to the poster’s situation than to the little mascot.

Hi Swerdna,

How about also digging up the old propositions? I remember there being quite a few… :slight_smile:


Just did a search : Please choose your honorifics/titles/tags/labels - openSUSE Forums

On the other hand… if it’s for Christmas… might as well go for Santa, his with and naming the elfs & reindeer… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Oh wait… this was a serious forum? :stuck_out_tongue: