Choppy video with Intel HD 3000 graphics

Hey guys,

So I recently installed openSUSE on a new Toshiba and i’m getting very choppy video while watching videos on youtube,, etc. The video is fine as long as I don’t full screen. However, when I try to fullscreen a stream on or a youtube video, it instantly becomes choppy and video is extremely delayed in relation to the sound. The sound still continues at it’s regular pace, however the video lags behind and is just choppy in general.

Also, not sure if this helps, but i’m running an i3 2310M.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This may be more a flash issue than an Intel HD 3000 issue (although I’ve read there are still problems with Intel sandybridge hardware - is the Intel HD 3000 sandybridge ? ):

In case this is flash related, have you tried the solution from post# 1 here: Fix your flash in 11.4 _64 with flash square

Thanks for the help, oldcpu. I tried the method that you listed and it didn’t fix it. And yes, the Intel HD 3000 is indeed on a sandybridge architecture.

Disable desktop effects

It could also be you are just encountering difficulty with sandybridge architecture, as support for sandybridge is currently lacking a bit. There is a thread on it here: 11.4: Issues with Intel Sandybridge graphics driver - i915 (i7-2620M)

My wife has purchased a Lenovo X220 laptop, and had it shipped to my sister’s place. The X220 has Intel HD 3000. We hope to pick up that laptop in early September, so its possible by late September I’ll get a chance myself to play with this hardware.

I forgot to mention, I’ve read Phoronix articles recommending for Sandybridge the boot code: