Choppy Playback

I just installed OpenSUSE 11.1 on my PC, YAY!!, buh bye Windows…

Anyways, I have some videos I downloaded previously on Windows… I figured out formatting a drive to FAT32 will allow me to copy the files to my Linux system… However, during playback VLC plays the stuff extremely choppy, and Banshee plays it decently, but skips once in a while…

Any suggestions or ideas on this?.. i would love to use VLC, but its not an option right now… Thanks in ADV!!!

Try changing the “output video module” from “auto” (or from “xv” (xvideo)) to "x11"

Oh yeah, should add that VLC says it has problems reading the files… XVID format i believe…

Where is this setting located?

If the audio is also choppy (in addition to the video) you could take a look here:
SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE - possible fix for choppy-skipping sound](

Just talked to a coworker… he said it’s PATA HD problem with the newer 2.6 kernel… So i’ll either need to pick up a sata HD or switch to an older Kernel…

I have two old PCs (athlon-1100 and athlon-2800) running openSUSE-11.1. Both with Pata drives. Sound and video is as smooth as can be for nominal videos.

For High Definition Video (1920x1080 @ 25 MB/sec bit rate) I can only play it smoothly on the athlon-2800 which has a nvidia graphic card that supports vdpau. Video editing/avchd - openSUSE

But regular videos and audio should play back smoothly and fine. It should have NOTHING to do with PATA or SATA. IMHO you have other problems.

What graphic hardware do you have? What driver are you using? proprietary? openGL ? Vesa?