Choices with Wine questions

Hi all,

I have three workstations here that are using Opensuse 10.3. On them all, I have Wine installed running an application that was meant for Windows only.

Now it has been running flawlessly for the last couple of years, up until now.

I updated Opensuse with all system updates, and mistakenly updated Wine itself.

Now the application is not running correctly.

What choices do I have?

If I remove Wine, will the application get removed as well with wine? I might do this and try a fresh install of wine & application.

I have only done this to one workstation, so the others are still working fine.



You can uninstall wine, it will not remove the application you installed under it.

I just wondered which repos you are using for 10.3?

If you have the original install DVD you could use that as the source and install wine form there. Maybe that will work?!

Thanks for the response caf,

Can I maybe uninstall wine then remove the folder that this app is sitting in?

I can’t see an uninstall exe on the app CD.



I don’t understand - sorry.

Wine is a Linux application that emulates a windows file system. When you install an application it is installed in the emulated

C:\ drive

That the application is not working, is most likely due to Wine.
So why do you want to:

remove the folder that this app is sitting in

Hi Caf,

the app was working with wine before a wine update.

In your original response, it was mentioned that wine can be removed but the app cannot. So my question would be if I can uninstall wine, then maybe I can remove any folders leftover (with the app in it) and start over with a fresh wine install and app install afterwards.

Hopefully I can pull this off.


If you really want to just delete the .wine (note leading period) directory in the user home. The problem you have really is that 10.3 is no longer supported. I like caf wonder how you updated???:confused:

Everything you installed is in you /home/.wine

Maybe backup the old wine directory in case you want to go back:

mv .wine wine-backup

That will let you start fresh.
Keep in mind .wine may be large, depending what you have installed. So you may want to move the folder wine-backup to a different location.

*If you have program entries in the menu you need to edit them out manually.


Thanks Caf,

I will try exactly what you mentioned.