CherryTree app running in a snap container shows rectangles in place of fonts.

I use this app on the daily basis and it was working just fine yesterday, however it is showing rectangles instead of fonts today!

I am running the app using the Snap Container and have been for close to 6 months now with no issues, however for some reason it is not working now.

I checked for the snap updates using the snap refresh command, and have removed and reinstalled the snap package using the snap remove and snap install commands but to no avail. My searches online also turned up nothing useful, so I am all out of ideas.

I have a feeling that this might have something to do with the big update that happened a few days ago where 3000+ packages were updated for me, but I am not sure if that is a good theory since I have two laptops which are closely configured with OpenSUSE TW and both have had the update applied to them while only one of my laptops (the main one) is the only one which is exhibiting this issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You might want to try installing Cherrytree from the TW Gnome:Apps repository.

It’s hard to guess what may be happening when the problem is in a universal installer like Snap because it’s anyone’s guess what the module’s author decided to include in the module and what relies on the system… And, TW will likely introduce latest technology a lot faster than the module authors expect.
You should notify the module’s author for them to look into it.


Please don’t do that, it was dropped from Tumbleweed for a reason, python2… I have an open bug report to get a supporting package fixed before I can submit a new version… 1164721 – Error compiling when no translations present

So worked on cherrytree again today, have it built with cmake, so the python2 requirement is now gone. I need to do some more tests before submitting to GNOME:Apps, then it should get back into the Tumbleweed release fairly soon so won’t need to run a snap version :wink:

Nice to see that the openSUSE version is being fixed,
But as noted will not fix the SNAP container version.


Yes, now available in GNOME:Apps, one minor fix to still submit (lang filelist creation), then will sub to Factory so it’s back in Tumbleweed :wink:

Yes, but the snap version is an upstream thing and still using python2, maybe that has something to do with it?

Hi All
Cherrytree on it’s way back into Tumbleweed…

That’s good to read.
Had the old one locked in zypper, so I could keep using it.
Had also the snap version but that version had the same problems as the TS.
I understand that it’s the new version, without Python2 ?
Can I simpel unlock it and will it udate then, or do I have to do a reinstall?

CherryTree is my memory, you won’t want to loose your memory.
And it’s very hard to export the data to another proggy

Yes, no python, its the C version…

Once available, unlock and zypper dup :slight_smile:

After a month I see it is “declined”
After digging I see that there is a licence problem?
So can I asume that we are not going to have it in Tumbleweed because of this?

What are my options, link in your repository? ( @malcomlewis )

Use the one from GNOME:Apps for the moment, it might have to go in the non-oss repos due to the rar license…