Cheese-like webcam app for KDE?

Is it my imagination, or does KDE lack a native webcam application like Cheese?

Windows XP has something, and Gnome has Cheese but the only thing I’ve found is Kopete and Skype.

Skype doesn’t recognize the webcam and when I try to set up the webcam in Kopete it locks the entire program and I have to force it to shutdown.

Looking for something that allows you to view the webcam, and to take a “snapshot”. Or am I missing some feature?

KDE has nothing really, I suggest installing cheese or Wxcam.
I more favor Wxcam as I never been able to get cheese to work, but there is no real .rpm for it under openSUSE 11.2 so you might want to convert a .deb of it with alien.

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Also you may try using webKam, if you get it work, please tell me how :wink:

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camorama is nice. As noted one can also use wxcam.

I know this is necromancing an old thread, but wanted to post that there is a new program which looks very promising. It is a lightweight webcam camera booth called Kamerka which I was able to install on 12.1 using the one-click installer for 11.4 found in KDE-Apps (Kamerka

It isn’t perfect, but it is pretty good and light. Cheese wasn’t perfect either in the beginning, so can only image the amount of development ahead of it.

It does not, however, take video; just pictures.

kamoso is available in the kde4 extra repositories and is working

Good to know!

I downloaded Komoso last nite and where as cheese recordings are jerky komosovo recordings are smooth
[LEFT] kamosoKDE:Extra/openSUSE_Factory
here is a short clip http://youtube/OMIJMiunehE