Checking the KDM log-in theme

I updated my display manager to the release “kdm 4.11.2-12.1”. Now I get surprised that an alternative log-in theme is displayed despite of the values (like “DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_THEME” in the file “/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager”) I was used to before. :confused:
Have you got any idea why it seems that the current KDM does not respect my system settings?

/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager is not used for that anymore with KDE 4.11, because of the confusion it caused.
See this long standing bug report and its duplicates:

The settings in “Configure Desktop”->“Login Screen”->“Theme” are respected now, so change the theme there (you might want to set it to “openSUSE” I guess :wink: ).

Probably the kdm-branding package is the wrong one, needs to be kdm-branding-openSUSE version 12.3-6.48.1

Another software update made the log-in display dark grey again. :wink: I find that the previous background image was nicer.

Which application does contain the mentioned area “Theme” now?

Well, I already answered this question:

You can change other aspects of the login screen there as well, on the other tabs, including the background image (but you have to disable the use of a theme on the “General” tab for that).

Or do you mean something else?

PS: If that wasn’t clear enough: you should run “Configure Desktop” from KDE’s start menu (kickoff), or run “systemsettings” in Konsole.
You may have to scroll down there, “Login Screen” is in the “System Administration” category, that’s the last one.

I have found the corresponding configuration dialogue in the section “System Administration”.

Theme development depends also on personal taste, doesn’t it?

Of course, that’s why you can change it… :wink:

The themes are located in /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes/openSUSE/. You could create a new one yourself or edit an existing one to fit your specific taste.
But in that case you should copy it to a new subdirectory first, or your changes will get overwritten when installing updates.