Checking execution for “grub2-editenv” according to system installations

I observed by using the software combination “openSUSE-Tumbleweed-NET-x86_64-Snapshot20210615-Media.iso” that the following error message was presented during an analysis of a boot system configuration.

Execution of command ""/usr/bin/grub2-editenv", "list"]]" failed.
Exit code: 127
Error output: No such file or directory - /usr/bin/grub2-editenv

:\ How do you think about the chances to achieve improvements for affected issues in reasonable time ranges?

Maybe that file is not present on the NET iso. It is present on my installed Tumbleweed.

Will the software dependencies be adjusted and finally completed for the published ISO images?

Anything missing from the installer should still show up in your installed system after the first time that you do update.

But I think you missed the point. The installer itself does not need “grub2-editenv” because it is a read-only system. So perhaps they chose to leave it out. What you install presumably should have that command.

Did Josef Reidinger point an other technical detail out on 2021-06-18?

So perhaps they chose to leave it out.

I suggest to reconsider the involved circumstances. :\