Checking desktop display after xrdp login

I am trying also to work with selected remote desktop connections.
I stumbled on the need to check system configuration differences in more detail.

One xrdp connection produces the usual displays as expected.
Another xrdp connection on a different system presents questionable software behaviour.

  1. My login succeeds.
  2. A known splash screen gets presented for a while.
  3. Unfortunately, a (mouse) pointer is displayed only on a black background.
    The expected desktop environment will not appear.

I would appreciate further advices and solution ideas. :\

xrdp does not use the standard selection method for starting the desktop environment. It runs the file /etc/xrdp/

There are many versions about and it kind of depends on exactly where you got xrdp from. It looks like this file is trying to start a windows manager that has not been installed. Suggest you work out what windows managers are installed and what your version of the script is calling for. Normally there is procedure wm_start and you can edit that to make sure it is starting a manager that is actually installed.

:\ I would expect that this should not be the case because all main desktop environments were successfully installed from available software packages on the mentioned test systems.

You could edit /etc/xrdp/ to start a specific one.

:\ Can the desired collaboration be checked better for the involved software components by customised commands?

Did I stumble on another remaining open issue?