Check something in Suse 11.1 - ipv6 disabled

I noticed this on my computer and I was wondering if anyone was missing this as well. I was disabling ipv6 following this guide that oldcpu gave me SDB:Disabling IPv6 completely - openSUSE

I was missing a part though. In modprobe.conf there was nothing in there that was

alias net-pf-10 ipv6

Is this just my .conf file or are others missing this as well? I think it is just on the newer version of suse.

You can disable it easily with Yast. Open Yast and go to Network Devices>Network Settings> And then uncheck the “Enable IPV6” box. After a reboot, it will be disabled. An easy way to check is with

ip a | grep inet6

in a terminal. If this returns nothing, it is disabled.

FYI, that tutorial won’t work with kernel 2.6.30 and after. IPV6 is integrated into the kernel, and not as a blockable module anymore. You can add ipv6.disable=1 to your menu.lst with 2.6.30 and newer kernels to get rid of it.

I know you cn disable it through yast…but I don’t think that disables it completly as the tutorial says.

I was just wondering if it was an update in 11.1 that was missing a line. If so, the tutorial is a bit outdated and might need to be edited. I was looking for that line for a while thinking I was doing something wrong, but I beleive that it just doesn’t exist anymore on an updated version.

Thanks for the info though :stuck_out_tongue:

It is very possible that some of the config files have changed. Opensuse uses a non standard filesystem(some things are moved from the default). That tutorial was last edited in 2007. If
ip a | grep inet6 didn’t return anything, then I wouldn’t worry.