Check of Suse 11.2 Download

Check of Suse 11.2 iso Download

As a newbie I am a bit unsure of checking the iso download before burning to DVD.

Before you burn your CD/DVD images, you should check the files for errors. Two files named *.iso.md5 and *.iso.sha1 are available. These files contains hashes for each ISO image that is available from that download location. The relevant line would look like the following:
8abac6680ecc152f103006b02f9ff67f some.iso

To be sure that download did not contain any errors, you should create this number using MS5 or SHA1 algorithm for your own ISO image.
Using Linux
On Linux, run one of the command,:
md5sum some.iso
sha1sum some.iso

If there is any difference between the output of the checksum command and the above number, the download is broken and should be repeated.’

Is some a linux command?

I assume it is run at the same location as the download?

Sorry if this is so basic for everyone.


Well, you basically issue a command in a console where the file is downloaded (you go there with “cd” as in change directory), then you simply type sha1sum/md5sum <file>.

If the sum differs don’t start downloading again, use any torrent client, it will download missing chunks without downloading whole file again.

Are you using Windows or any linux? Because if Windows then i know only a md5 sum tool.


Thanks for reply.

I am using any one of the two machines in my signature. So yes I am using Suse Linux 11.1 but KDE3.5, I do not have any torrent client loaded.


If you use openSUSE 11.1 (i didn’t notice your signature, almost blind am i :slight_smile: )

then you can simply check the file with aria2c (available for 11.1 and 11.2). Just find the metalink for openSUSE 11.2 and start downloading with it (works from console but is simple as:

aria2c <torrent or metalink file>

It also works with normal http files

Aria automatically ensures that the file is downloaded fine(like a torrent client i guess except http downloads but i never had problems with those either).

So if you already have the downloaded iso and it is wrong then just start downloading a new one with aria2c BUT substitute the file that is being downloaded )after stopping aria2c with Ctrl+C with the one you already downloaded (copy not cut, to be safe).

I like KTorrent a lot, and once it completes the download, it will verify the checksum.

Also, when you load it into K3B to burn the disk, it will also verify the checksum.

Yes, ktorrent is very nice and k3b’s feature is also great as it checks the iso AND the resulting md5sum from the burned iso.


Thanks for the postings. I will try ktorrent but I assume the download site will be busy today!


cant get bit torrent to download, so using the Novell site but i will still need to verify the iso. (GB, prio 2000)

Can anyone please advise what text I need, I am downloading to a folder on the desktop and can open a terminal window, but have never downloaded Suse always purchased it.


I get
brian@linux-z3dx:~/Desktop/Suse 11.2> md5sum openSUSE-11.2-DVD-x86_64.iso
6a09295e34dc030319d040f67f4742c6 openSUSE-11.2-DVD-x86_64.iso
this looks incorrect - what is the best method of correcting. My download speed is quite low and took 8 hours.


Looks good to me

openSUSE-11.2-DVD-x86_64.iso 6a09295e34dc030319d040f67f4742c6

Burn the image with k3b, as slow as you can set it.
Then when you boot the dvd run the media check.
Actually there is a media checker in Yast too.

Thanks for reply - so this checksum is correct?

Indeed. That is what I was saying;)

ok - I know how to burn and verify at slow speed using k3b. You say when boot the dvd run the media check - can you please explain more.

See here

ok - got it Thanks


Burnt a DVD and verified it with K3b.

Then as suggested ran media check and was told that after testing the disk was faulty.

Was the md3 ok? k3b had same one as above.


If you are running a version of openSUSE - In Yast Software
There is a media check facility, try that

or follow this

openSUSE Forums - View Single Post - DVD to ISO


Thanks for the postings.

I burnt a second DVD with k3b on another machine with 10.2, the checksum was correct and the Suse 11.2 test on the disk was fine.

I did notice in 11.1 that although I asked the DVD to burn and verify at 2.4 it actually burnt faster!

Anyway all sorted - Thanks again

You are welcome - Good luck again;)