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Hi All,

Booted my 11.3 this morning, only to find a message on the boot screen that mentioned that one of my drives hadn’t been checked for more than 180 days - as such the drive was force checked.

As this drive is 2TB in size, this took ages:\

Is there any way that drive/partition checks can be disabled?


Yes there is. If you are know what you are doing you can use tune2fs to turn the check for ext2/3/4 off and you can do the check by hand when you have time using

shutdown -rF now

But THIS IS NOT RECOMNED. an may leave you with a inconsistent filesystem.

Hi l1zard,

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

To avoid this in the future you could plan to convert the filesystem to ext4. In ext4 this check is seen as not needed and the default there is to do it never.

On ext2/3 I support l1zard not to switch it off. But I admit that it allways is done when one boots with the idea to do some quick things before one goes off to work or whatever. Frustrating then :frowning:

Hi all,

A further question.

If I move all my data from my 2TB HDD, convert it to ext4 from ext3, will I need to do anything else apart from a reboot?


What is on that disk? More then one partition? What is on the partitions?

When it is just a “data” partition (so not mounted on e.g. / or* /boot*, but something like /home or /database or* /home/ashley194/pictures*) the only thing to do is:

  1. save the data;
    2a. either use YaST > System > Partitioner to reformat it and let YaST do implicitly all the rest (like adapting /etc/fstab, unmounting, mounting);
    2b. or umount, use* mkfs.ext4* (see man mk2fs, you can also call* mk2fs -t ext4*), change the appropriate* /etc/fstab *entry by making ext3 into ext4, mount;
  2. restore your data.
    No reboot needed for non “system” partitions, but the partition must not be used by any user of course.

Hi hcvv,

I’ve named my 2TB HDD “Multimedia” & used that name as a mount point, the entire HDD is simply used to house my music/movie collection (nothing else):wink:

I’ll use YaST as that looks more straightforward:)

Many thanks!

Wishing you sucess, but as long as you backup the contents, not much will be lost on failure :wink:

Hi all,

Am happy to report that my 2TB HDD has now been converted to ext4 from ext3, without a single byte of data being lost:)

Thanks for all the advice!

Yes! I knew you could do it! :shake: