Check for existing threads

Here’s something I’ve seen in another forum: When you are creating a new thread, there is a button “Check if already posted” which will search the forum based on the text entered into the Title of the new thread.

It uses a pop-up window so the user is not kicked out of the new thread form so if it comes back with nothing, they can continue with their post.

While people can do that anyway, it may help remind them to look and see if there are any posts which may already provide an answer before posting yet another thread to be answered.

It’s not so much creating anything new of the forum as providing a convenient method and relevant location to do so.

I think this may reduce the number of duplicate posts.

Just an idea.

So when you post with the title “I need help!” you will get a pop-up telling you that there are already 27 with the same title? :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically “Yes”, but if you are posting “Broadcom wireless fails to connect” you get 12 results which may, or may not, cover your situation.

A lot depends on the abilities or setting of the search function associated with this button.

I agree, but the OP was far to simple to me. It is my fault that I always have to tell peopple why what they want is not feasable. An extended search function might help. But in any case this feature requires a bit of discipline and common sense from the posting person. Many are to nervous to have even one of both.

Edit: How much differs this from using the already available search function?

There is an option to show similar threads, but when I tested it, the
relevance and value was questionable and it took a lot of cycles on the
server so it wasn’t implemented.

Kim (8/26/2009 8:50:28 AM Mountain)

All I am referring to is a search function (same as the existing one) that looks for titles similar to the ones the person is currently typing a post for.

It can use the current search function, which seems speedy enough for me and more relevant than the wiki search ;).

Instead of the user going to the Search button, and type their title into it, it would be a button next to where they put the title of their post, pops up another window and shows the same existing search results panel which they can click the resulting links and see if it matches what they are looking at posting.

Another benefit of this is when you see something in the news and don’t know if anybody else has beaten you posting it or not, you easily search for the title of the article/blog/etc.

While I don’t know the details of how the forum’s guts work, the suggestion is only to add a means to access the search function, not any additional functionality.

Imagine having two windows (tabs) open to the openSUSE forums. In one, you are making a post. In the other, you hit Search and put in the title you just typed in for your post and pull up the results. Same thing (except more complicated to do, easier with a one-button push)

i think it is a great idea…if for nothing else it might get the all
too often “I need help” rewritten as something more useful to those of
us who screen incoming by subject…

sure, it takes more clock cycles…hmmmm, let ask: Does the sponsor
of this community have any friends in the IT bid’ness? considering the
level of alpha & beta testing we do for their commercial releases i’d
think they might be able to support some more cycles if it helps the
community grow and flourish…

the stock has been mostly up for the last 12 months…put in a
request for more iron, please…



I must say that you that you last proposal sounds good. It might even force people to think about a good title!

I must say that you that you last proposal sounds good. It might even force people to think about a good title!

I second that! A good descriptive title is a good way to help target those able to assist. It would be a good feature to at least trial in any case.