Cheap Linux Desktop


Does anyone know where I could get a cheap Linux desktop (ie without having to pay for the pre-installed windows)?

Doesn’t have to be top spec.



Define cheap. How much are you willing to spend on it? Did you look at Dell or Lenovo? I’ve no idea if they offer “cheap” Linux desktops

Did you try looking at Ebay or even better, build it yourself? Customise your components and have an afternoon of fun putting it together.

I tried Ebay but I don’t know which to trust and which not to, I don’t want a giant expensive paperweight; I also checked DELL factory outlet, but had the same problem.

Has anyone bought from DELL factory outlet before?



I just saw Mesh are doing a £199 Ubuntu desktop MESH Computers - Award Winning Review PCs Since 1987 - R2S - Matrix 140L.

Anyone seen any better deals?


Here’s mine:

Linux + GNU = Humans Enabled: GNU/Linux 3D Gaming Box (no monitor) Get Yours For $269


Shannon VanWagner

Fully compatible Linux systems - system76, Inc.](

Note, they don’t seem to deliver overseas, only to US & Canada :frowning:

Build it yourself. UK resident I see: is your best option
or if self build is scary:

Most cheap systems come with hardware that’s already been on the market for a while. Over here prices of systems go that low, that it’s hard to build cheaper. Most of the time I buy the cheapest, boost it with extra RAM, add a videocard.

Like the guys said, it depends on what you want. If you want an out the box solution, look at somwhere like morgan computers.
Trouble is most of these cheap complete systems have windows, but the spec and price is good for last year’s model and you may just need to have a licensed windows version somewhere.
If you want to build it yourself, get a copy of Micro Mart mag and look in there for component suppliers.

As the guys say, it depends on what you want to do with it - if you just want it for general internet and write letters or hardcore gaming/video editing, etc.
Also, do you want to build it yourself (probably the only real way of getting a pc without paying for the os) or just want to plug it in and go?
For built systems, as Knurpht says, last year’s models are cheap. Look at (You may only just need to upgrade ram).
If you want components, look at micro mart mag for some pointers to suppliers and prices.
Most pc’s are linux compatible, so there is no need to pay the premium for pre-installed linux.

if you buy from the big OEMs (dell, HP, Asus) it will not be cheaper to get a machine with linux on it. even if you build a machine with the same hardware it will cost you about the same (more or less). since most of them do offer linux as an option (mostly for business products) most of the hardware is linux compatible (wifi varies), intel chipsets, nvidia graphics, ect…
for the volume discounts they get on everything, your getting the software for free for the most part. they are making their money on the upgrades they sell you at time of purchase. $50 to upgrade to 500Gb harddrive from a 250Gb and they keep the 250Gb drive. $50 for 2 more Gb ddr2, ect…
so $300-$400 for a cheap machine, with windows on it is still cheaper than $400-$450 (same hardware) with linux or nothing on it.

that one that Shannon_VanWagner pointed out is good. but before you click buy, compare the prices with dell and hp. it’s the same or more if you include the OS and other software

This hardware config works great with & is compatible w/ all OS’s you see in the sig:
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Use it for general PC work- surfing the net, email, documents; occ music/videos; not used for gaming.

Dell has an auction with some damm good prices.

Consider eBay too.

Dell used to have a Ebay shop where they sold off slightly marked hardware for great prices. Might be worth a look if it’s still there.

Dell stuff is pushed out here in UK via europc, Scotland based I think. Used to be cheap but not so much lately. Self build is better these days if you know enough. ebuyer and overclockers