Changing virtual desktop

Hi all,

openSuSE 11.4 comes with a really “nice” feature. In order to
go from one virtual console to another you can use your mouse wheel
or go with the cursor to left, right side or the top, bottom edge. This
is annoying. How can I cancel this “feature”?



I assume you are talking about a “feature” in your desktop environment. Is it KDE?

Assuming that you use KDE, right click on the desktop (not in any window), and select “Desktop Settings”. Then choose the menu item for “Mouse Actions”. Redefine the mouse action for “Vertical Scroll”. The default, as I recall, was “switch desktop”. Among the choices, I selected “switch window” which doesn’t actually seem to do anything for me, perhaps related to using “Focus under mouse” in window behavior settings.

(Emphasis mine)
This feature can be found in:
Personal Settings > Workspace Behavior > Screen Edges

The setting for “Switch desktop on edge” is what you are looking for. Presumably, judging from your description, it is now set to “Always Enabled”. So you would need to change that.


sorry, das hilft nicht.


Was genau hilft nicht? Kannst du die Einstellungen einfach nicht finden, oder haben sie nicht den gewünschten Effekt?

What exactly does not help? Can you just not find the settings, or do they not give you the desired results?

Hi “Lord_Emsworth”

thanks for your reply. Now it works fine!!! The German text was for “nrickert”.

Thanks again,