Changing UID and GID: While Using Authentication through Windows Domain

I have some trouble with NFS permission since my local user (which is authenticated through a Windows Domain) have different OID and GID that my user on the NFS network drive.

If I had a local user authentication scheme with /etc/passwd changing UID and GID would be no problem. However since I am logging in with a Windows Domain user I do not have a local user.

DOMAIN\username@machinename:~> ypcat passwd | grep username
username:49Bre9682Ve:530:100:User Name:/users/username:/bin/bash

This is the OID and GID I need to have for my user.

DOMAIN\username@machinename:~> cat /etc/passwd

My user DOMAIN\username is not here since I use Windows Domain authentication.

DOMAIN\username@machinename:~> id
uid=10000(DOMAIN\username) gid=10000(DOMAIN\domain users) groups=10000(DOMAIN\domain users)

In YAST -> Membership in Windows Domain
OID and GID area goes from 10000-20000. Do I need to change this to, from 530 for OID and from 100 for GID or can I change it in some other way?

Assuming you’re using a Windows 2008 AD (there is a similar article for Win2003 R2), try this
Specify How Server for NFS Obtains Windows User and Group Information

The idea is to configure your NFS Server to do a lookup for the existing AD OID/GID rather than messing around with modifying individual User Accounts.


The UID og GID for my user on Linux does not come from the Windows Domain AD. When setting up Windows Domain authentication on Linux you can choose the that UID and GID between ranges values. In my case it started on 10000 for both and up to 20000. Since I am the only user on my machine my user got OID and GID 10000.

The only way I can hack it is setting these range values

For note: I am not the administrator for either the Windows Domain nor the NFS so messing around with those wouldn’t be applicable unless I get the administrator on-board with it. Also I think the NFS is running on a NIX system.