Changing udp port in Heartbeat


I have two heartbeat clusters in one broadcast domain so I want to use different udp ports for communication to avoid conflicts and problems like:
“heartbeat: [8456]: WARN: string2msg_ll: node [north] failed authentication”

I have changed default port in
bcast eth1
respawn root /sbin/evmsd
apiauth evms uid=hacluster,root
node owf1ap owf1db
udpport 713

and restarted heartbeat
But that didn’t help so I also changed /etc/services
ha-cluster 713/tcp # ha-cluster
ha-cluster 713/tcp # ha-cluster
#ha-cluster 694/udp # ha-cluster
#ha-cluster 694/udp # ha-cluster

713-728 Unassigned

but without effect. I still have
“heartbeat: [8456]: WARN: string2msg_ll: node [north] failed authentication” in logs.
Can anyone help me to force using different port?

I am using SLES 10sp1