Changing the "openSUSE 11.1" Logo


I am looking to change the “openSUSE 11.1” logo on top of the Preparation menu during the installation process as seen here:

I have tried modifying /usr/share/YaST2/theme/openSUSE/wizard/logo.png and rebuilding the RPM, used makeSUSEdvd -C to build the DVD, but the logo remains unchanged. Does anyone know where the installation is pulling the actual logo from? Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure how you rebuilt the RPM, but I modified RPMs by editing the spec file and rebuilding the RPM from the source package. Make your changes in the source directory, and then rpmbuild.

Thanks for the reply. I was successfully able to modify the RPM; however, the logo did not change as was expected.

I poked around the installation DVD for a week, but could not find any .PNG (or any image files) associated with the “openSUSE 11.1” logo. This leads me to believe that the logo is hidden in another RPM or that it is in a binary file.