Changing the Kicker ICON

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I want the suse icon again on my KDE 4.23 application launcher. Can anyone tell me what icons set to use or to disable something. I really want it back.:’(


You’ll find the answer here:

Application Launcher - openSUSE Forums

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Haha, just realized that points to another thread which is this one here:

Change the Start Button Icon KDE4 - openSUSE Forums

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ahh thanks.

That can work. Just want to confirm though, by default, KDE 4.2 does not use the suse icon?

Depending on which branding package you have. If you installed from an official openSUSE livecd or from the DVD I believe you get the openSUSE branding by default. If you installed from a KDE live-cd from the KDE website then upstream branding is applied and you have to download openSUSE branding first.

That’s just from what I’ve seen so far. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

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Oh ok. Thanks. I did install the official DVD from opensuse website. But I may have changed some stuff.

That’s fine, as long as the kdebase4-workspace-branding is openSUSE and not upstream, then you’re good.

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I was the other way round and wanted to change the kicker icon from the default suse one to the blue K.

The file is called start-here-branding.svg

in usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/places

Yea thanks man. That star-here-branding was exactly what I was looking for. lol! Thanks alot guys

That’s been one grip of mine with Kubuntu… they can’t replace the Kicker Icon with the distro’s logo?

I much prefer seeing openSUSE’s instead of the generic KDE one.