Changing the framebuffer/CLI ressolution


I use the CLI a lot (the C+S+F1-F6 terminals), but i have a really tiny resolution on the framebuffer. How do i increase the framebuffer/CLI resolution in suse (that is opensuse 11.4)??

Any help would be great, oh and btw opensuse 11.4 is just fabulous !!!

Well, some time ago I’d say you only have to change the vga= option in the boot options, but there’s so many video drivers being used during boot that I’m not sure anymore.

FWIW the vga codes are (or were):

VGA Resolution Codes for GRUB & Lilo

Width-Height-Depth VGA Codes HEX Codes
80x25 (TEXT) 3840 0xF00
80x50 (TEXT) 3841 0xF01
80x43 (TEXT) 3842 0xF02
80x28 (TEXT) 3843 0xF03
80x30 (TEXT) 3845 0xF05
80x34 (TEXT) 3846 0xF06
80x60 (TEXT) 3847 0xF07

320x200x8 816 0x330
320x200x16 782 0x30E
320x200x24 783 0x30F

320x240x8 820 0x334
320x240x16 821 0x335
320x240x24 822 0x336

320x400x8 817 0x331
320x400x16 818 0x332
320x400x24 819 0x333

640x400x8 768 0x300
640x400x16 829 0x33d
640x400x24 830 0x33e

640x480x8 769 0x301
640x480x16 785 0x311
640x480x24 786 0x312


Width-Height-Depth VGA Codes HEX Codes
768x480x8 866 0x362
768x480x16 ??? ???
768x480x24 ??? ???

800x600x8 771 0x303
800x600x16 788 0x314
800x600x24 789 0x315

1024x768x8 773 0x305
1024x768x16 791 0x317
1024x768x24 792 0x318

1280x800x8 864 0x360
1280x800x16 ??? ???
1280x800x24 865 0x361

1280x1024x8 775 0x307
1280x1024x16 794 0x31a
1280x1024x24 795 0x31b

1440x900x8 868 0x364
1440x900x16 ??? ???
1440x900x24 869 0x365

1600x1200x8 796 0x372
1600x1200x16 798 0x374
1600x1200x24 799 0x375

8bit = 256 colors
16bit = 65K colors
24bit = 16.7M colors

In this computer the code used is 0x31A.

Edit: just noticed that, at least in 11.3, in Yast>bootloader>edit there is a drop-down menu listing the available resolutions.

That was far easier than i had expected, to many years with Debian and Slackware i guess :slight_smile:
Thanx for a quick reply!