Changing system lang in KDE4?

Hi! :slight_smile:

I installed open suse 11 with kde4 with my locale (Greek) settings.
How can I change system (kde) lang (menu, help, descriptions etc.) and set it to English?

Going to kde control center and pressing the “add lang” button, results only the Greek one.
Going to “change default locale” doesn’t seems to do something. :confused:
I tried changing the default locale (I tried English and US ones) from Greek.
kde informed me that the locale changed and needs to logoff-on.
I tried it (as well as restarting my sytem), but although the English locale is indicating as active, everything is still in Greek lang. :frowning:

Any hints available? :slight_smile:

Maybe you have to install the other languages from the Installation DVD. When you were installing the OS you’ve chosen only greek language available so YaST ignores the english, german and other languages and installs all manuals, menus etc. only in Greek. Go to YaST Control Center and then to the software section. In the search box type “KDE english” or something like that and check the boxes you need. After that YaST will ask you to put the installation CD and it will install the missing languages for you. Now you can choose english from the menu and restart the X Server.
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YaST > System > Language for your default language.

You can use the KDE system settings to use other language keyboards.

THANKS guys for your help!!! :wink:

I’ wasable indeed, to change the keyboard and national settings.
I’m wondering though, if there is a way to change the system lang (menus, error messages etc.) as well, so I will able to receive the system messages in English (that way, that gnome is changing them).

OK! Not a problem. I’m always able to reinstall open suse with English default settings (so I can have the English menus) and add Greek lang later (so I can write mails and such things).

Finally, I installed open suse from scratch with the kde 3.5 option.
After installation, I updated my system, so kde reports now v.4.0.4.

With this version installed, I’m able to add (and switch) properly both the keyb layouts and the system (kde) menus lang.

THANKS for your help!!!** :)**